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Advanced Style Poster
Advanced Style Open in New Window
(2014, 72 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 22

In honour of Victoria Fashion Week, dive into the fashion world of New York City's most fashionable... over 60s. Street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen and director Lina Plioplyte ...more

After the Storm Poster
After the Storm Open in New Window
(Japan, 2016, 117 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Apr 7
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Apr 8
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Apr 9




Ryota Shinoda was once a successful and well-regarded writer. These days he's a lot more like his shiftless ...more

Elle Poster
Elle Open in New Window
(France, 2016, 130 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 14
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 15
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 16

Isabelle Huppert stars in a psychological thriller as the head of a successful video game company and she brings the same ruthless attitude to her love life as she does to her business. Attacked in ...more

Fences Poster
Fences Open in New Window
(2016, 139 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Feb 24
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 25
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Feb 26
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 27
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 28
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 1
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 2

Victoria Premiere!


An adaptation of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, Fences centres on the life of a black garbage ...more

Kedi Poster
Kedi Open in New Window
(Belgium / Germany / Turkey, 2016, 80 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 24
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Feb 25
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 26

Victoria Premiere!


This documentary is not about your house cat or the stray that wanders through the garden from time to time. Kedi is about the thousands of street cats ...more

Manchester by the Sea Poster
Manchester by the Sea Open in New Window
(2016, 137 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 17
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 19
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 20
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 21
The Vic Theatre 9:00pm Feb 22
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Feb 23

Kenneth Lonnergan's nuanced script and the strong performances by Casey Affleck and Michele Williams are the talk of the award season. After Patrick's father dies, he is left in the care of his uncle, ...more

Royal Ballet: Sleeping Beauty Poster
Royal Ballet: Sleeping Beauty Open in New Window
(2017, 180 mins)
Live Performance
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Mar 18
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Mar 19



Victoria Premiere!


The wicked fairy Carabosse ...more

Royal Opera House: Il trovatore Poster
Royal Opera House: Il trovatore Open in New Window
(2017, 170 mins)
Live Performance
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Feb 18
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Feb 19



Victoria Premiere!


Director David Bösch makes his UK debut with a new production ...more

Weirdos Poster
Weirdos Open in New Window
(Canada, 2015, 89 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Mar 17
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 18
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Mar 19
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 20
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 21
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 22
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Mar 23



Weirdos won Best Canadian Feature at the 2017 Victoria Film Festival



It's ...more

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